Things to Know Before You Go (to College): Planning for the Fall

If you decide to bring a vehicle to Georgetown College, you will need to register it with the 校园安全 office using the Portal. Registration is $100 annually and includes a campus parking permit. 你可以在登记车辆时付款, or you can choose to add the cost of the permit to your bill. In most cases, your permit will be mailed to you either at your home or through Campus Mail.

We know you are excited to personalize your dorm room, and we can't wait to see your creativity shine through! However, please keep in mind that College furniture cannot be removed from rooms. Our residence hall rooms and campus buildings are non-smoking (this includes all forms of vapor and e-cigarettes).

如我们的学生手册所述, Georgetown College assumes no responsibility and provides no financial protection for students' personal property. 花费很少, renter's and/or dorm insurance can provide students with peace of mind and protection for their new flat-screen TV or laptop. We encourage students and families to consider renter's or dorm insurance through their homeowner's insurance policy or a 3rd party company such as GradGuard prior to their arrival on campus.

Few college experiences mean more to a first-year student than 检查ing your mail and finding out that someone has sent you a care package, so Georgetown College has partnered with OCM and their linen and care package program. 可以找到可用的项目 在线. OCM provides a robust selection of quality room decor, 床上用品, and a wide variety of themed care packages throughout the academic year.

一定要看看我们的 建议项目  核对清单网上(或 下载此PDF) before making your purchases and talk to your roommate to make sure you don't end up with two microwaves and no mini-fridge! If you would like to know the dimensions of your new home, be sure to 检查 out our 住房信息 在我们的主网站上的页面.


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