While Georgetown College is in a small, safe community, we take the responsibility to protect our students seriously. Our Campus Safety office is staffed 24/7/365 and is centrally located on the ground floor of the Student Center, right next to the Caf. Our officers patrol campus and work closely with local agencies like the Georgetown Police Department and Scott County Sheriff's Office. Students can contact Campus Safety to let them in their dorm rooms if they have locked themselves out, or to request an on-campus escort if they are walking to their dorm after dark. The phone number for Campus Safety is 502-863-8011.

Campus Safety also oversees our emergency text messaging service. Students are encouraged to sign up for this service, known on campus as Rave alert, on their GC portal. The Rave system quicky texts students in the event of a crisis, as well as notifies students if the college is closed or delayed for any reason (think snow days!). Make sure you sign up for Rave alerts on or before move-in day!


While most students have cell phones, we want to make sure that students can contact Campus Safety easily in case of an emergency. To that end, we have multiple emergency call boxes scattered around campus. Emergency phones are located in the Knight Hall East and West parking lots, in the KA/KD parking lot, in the Building Services and Allen Hall parking lot, in the Hambrick Village paved parking lot, and outside the laundry room of the East Campus apartments. These phones can be used for emergencies or to call Campus Safety and request a safety escort.

Georgetown College offers a safety escort service to any student who feels uncomfortable crossing campus alone. This service is offered daily from dusk to dawn. Safety escorts will be provided during daylight hours on request under special circumstances including illness, injury, or other extenuating circumstances.


As a department, Georgetown College Campus Safety takes a proactive approach to keeping the entire campus community safe through regular foot and vehicle patrols across and around campus. Campus Safety is continuously utilizing, researching and adding video surveillance and monitoring, smart-lighting, and text alert systems. Our officers are also consistently undergoing training so they can implement the most up-to-date campus and public safety procedures to provide the highest level of protection and customer service for our students, faculty and staff.

We also understand that there are additional safety concerns associated with sending your student to college this fall. For information about how we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our Tigers Together webpage for the most up-to-date information.

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